Our Story

10 THOUSAND TREES is a not-for-profit organisation that grew organically from the employees at 10 THOUSAND FEET, a strategic market research company who after years of pro-bono work wanted to create the first community project of its own.

10 THOUSAND FEET is at the forefront of understanding what is important to consumers. Research was showing that while the environment was an area consumers considered in their purchases it was well behind other factors such as value for money, service or product and brand image.

Consumers and businesses also found it challenging to get their head around concepts such as the ETS and how carbon offsetting works. These two factors combined to create a climate where inactivity on one of the earth’s major challenges was the norm.

Being passionate about the environment, the 10 THOUSAND FEET team decided to create a program which simplified the process of consumers contributing to a more environmentally sustainable future. When we consume brochures, letterheads or post it notes it is easy to see that they come from trees, where as carbon and carbon trading is a little harder to visualise, at least for now.

So as the team drew up the program they took concrete steps to create a program which would change the way consumers thought about their own consumption. The program promotes a holistic consideration of the life-cycle of the resources used in the course of personal consumption and business, starting with paper.

That means if we think about paper we think about the tree it takes to make that paper. Where do these trees come from? What impact are they having on their local environment when they are cut down to make paper? What happens to the paper when we are done with it?

By asking these questions and actively encouraging other organisations to do the same 10 THOUSAND TREES was born.